How to complete Reshaping the Engima in Destiny 2

Reshape the weapons you forge in Destiny 2.

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The Relic in Destiny 2 is where you can work on any of your weapon crafting projects. You’ll want to visit this location often in The Witch Queen expansion, and you’ll unlock additional items with it as you progress through the game. As you work with the Relic, you’ll eventually unlock the Reshaping the Engima quest, and you’ll learn about Ascendant Alloys. In this guide, we cover how to complete Reshaping the Engima in Destiny 2.

How to complete Reshaping the Engima

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is visit Rahool in the Tower. You can find them immediately to the right of you when you drop into the Tower on the traditional landing point. Speak with them to advance the quest. Rahool will provide you with Ascendant Alloy after you approach him.

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Step 2

After completing this step, you now have to level up The Engima to level 3. You’ll be able to do this by using it in combat against multiple foes. If you don’t have The Engima Glaive, we recommend crafting one at the Relic to continue this part of the quest.

Step 3

When you reach Rank 3 with The Engima, return to The Enclave and make your way down to the depths of The Relic. You’ll want to interact with it to advance this quest, which rewards you a large amount of crafting resources.

Step 4

Return to the front of the Relic, and interact with it then begin Reshaping your weapon. This allows you to modify and enhance the components and perks you’ve installed on an already completed weapon, making them even more powerful. Make sure The Engima is not equipped on your Guardian. You’ll have to select one of the Enhanced Intrinsic traits, which are traits with golden symbols next to them.

Step 5

After reaching the above menu, you want to make sure you modify your Glaive’s Intrinsic, which is the frame, on the far left side of your crafting menu. Click on it to choose one of the more advanced options, and then craft your weapon again.

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Step 6

When you have a modified trait and Intrinsic, you can craft The Engima, and complete the quest.

Step 7

Interact with the Relic once again, and you’ll have completed the quest.