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How to complete Scrope’s Last Hope and find his notes in Hogwarts Legacy – All Scrope note locations

A hunt that requires a bit of magic to finish.

While embarking on Hogwarts Legacy’s main questline, players will receive a strange order to search for notes outside of the school’s courtyard. These are seemingly written by someone only known as Scrope, who certainly has a tendency to hide the notes exceptionally well. More importantly, the character never mentions that specific spells will need to be used to find them. Here is where you can discover all of these mysterious notes to complete the Scrope’s Last Hope quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where to find each note for Scrope’s Last Hope in Hogwarts Legacy

You can begin the quest by heading to the courtyard fountain at the south exit of Hogwarts. The front of the fountain will bear the first note from Scrope, tasking you to travel just outside of the south exit to discover the next note. As pictured below, this second note is located to the right of the exit and sits above a tall boulder. However, as you cannot climb it, you must use the Accio spell to control the wooden box nearby and move it next to the rock.

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After you have jumped on the box and picked up the note, you will then have to travel south to a lake house and pumpkin patch close by to discover one last note. Although there are a few chests to loot inside, the final note is actually within a yellow pumpkin on the east side of the lake house. In order to break the pumpkin, you can simply cast a shot at it with your wand, ultimately revealing the note.

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Scrope can then be met at the shoreline behind the house, but the quest is not over yet. Scrope asks that you head north on the shoreline to reach Apollonia’s grotto, an area covered with toad-like enemy species named Dugbogs. Each creature is a Level 7 and can break through your Protego spell, so crafting potions and changing their high-rarity gear should help defeat them. After you have activated a cutscene in the grotto, simply make your way back to Scrope to complete this main quest.

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