How to complete The Amazing Spider-Man Heroic Mission Chain in Marvel’s Avengers

The web-slinger’s mission chain is longer than you might expect.

Image via Square Enix

Like every other character in Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man comes with his own Iconic Mission Chain appropriately titled, “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Complete the web-slinger’s mission chain and you’ll be rewarded with his rare outfit, the Iconic Suit. However, this mission chain is rather long, so don’t expect to run through it all in one sitting. Furthermore, unlike other characters that were added post-launch, Spider-Man doesn’t have his own campaign, meaning you’ll have to complete each step of his mission chain via the Avengers Initiative online mode.

Bear in mind you’ll have to unlock Spider-Man prior to beginning this chain. Additionally, as the character is exclusive to PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers, it should go without saying that this mission chain is as well. Below is the full list of objectives for Spider-Man’s mission chain.

  • HARM Training: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply complete the character’s HARM training, which you can access via the War Table aboard the helicarrier.
  • I’ll Take Manhattan: This step has three sub-objectives for you to complete.
    • Defeat 50 enemies.
    • Perform 15 Signature attacks against enemies.
    • Perform 25 Power attacks against enemies.
  • Moving Targets: Complete two War Zones.
  • A Tangled Web: Defeat three High-Value Targets.
  • Family Matters: Talk to Liz Allan at the Ant Hill outpost.
  • Matters of Life and Death: Defeat 15 enemies with Spider-Man’s Wreckage skill.
  • Danger Zone: This step has two sub-objectives for you to complete.
    • Web 15 enemies using Spider-Man’s Web Bomb.
    • Defeat 20 enemies using Spider-Man’s Wrecking Ball.
  • Bury The Ledes: Talk to Liz Allan again at the Ant Hill outpost.
  • Spidey Strikes Back: This step has two sub-objectives for you to complete.
    • Complete one Threat Sector.
    • Complete two Drop Zones
  • The Web Closes: This step has two sub-objectives for you to complete.
    • Web up six Exo, Adaptoid, or Teleporter enemies.
    • Defeat 20 enemies while airborne.
  • The Favor: Answer Mark Raxton’s video call in the Ant Hill outpost.
  • Threats and Menaces: Perform 40 Sprint or Evade attacks against enemies.
  • To Kill a Spider-Man: Open 10 Strongboxes.
  • Breaking News: Talk to Liz Allan, once again, at the Ant Hill outpost.
  • Big Apple Battleground: Throw webbed enemies using Web Whirlwind or Web Slam 15 times.
  • With Foes Like These…: Complete any Villain Sector as Spider-Man with Black Widow and Ms. Marvel in the Strike Team as players or companions.
  • Coming Home: For the final time, talk to Liz Allan at the Ant Hill outpost.

After you talk to Liz Allan, the mission chain will finally be over, and you’ll be rewarded with Spider-Man’s Iconic Suit and Legendary gear.

What is Spider-Man’s Wreckage skill?

One of the steps in this mission chain calls for Spider-Man to use Wreckage to defeat 15 enemies. At first glance, there seems to be little difference between Wreckage and normal takedowns, but the key way in which they differ is that Spider-Man doesn’t have to stun enemies to perform takedowns thanks to the Wreckage skill. All you have to do is get his Intrinsic meter full and you’ll be able to perform an instant takedown by pressing the triangle and circle buttons simultaneously, much like how takedowns are performed in Marvel’s Spider-Man. For more information on this skill and more, check out our breakdown of Spider-Man’s skill tree, as well as his full list of abilities.