How to complete the Astral Alignment Offensive in Destiny 2

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The Astral Alignment is an offensive in Destiny 2 where a team of six players will be working together to charge up your Wayfinder’s Compass artifact to reawaken old Ley Lines that are within the Dreaming City. You can expect to work together with other players to complete this challenge weekly. Here’s how you complete the Astral Alignment Offensive and everything you need to do.

Charge the Compass

When the offensive starts, you and your team will battle it against the brief wave of Fallen enemies invading the charging area. Once those are eliminated, insert your compass into the center terminal, and you’ll be transported to the next location.

The next three activities might appear in a different order. You only need to complete two.

Collapse Taken Rifts

After the Compass has charged, you’ll be transported to the next stage and have to battle against several hordes of Taken. Your goal is to eliminate the stronger enemy, Taken forces with the distinct circles above their heads. Those will drop Taken Essence. Bring those to the rifts where the Taken are spawning around the center of the map and on the right side of the far end. You can expect a handful of Champions and Unstoppable enemies to spawn during this battle.

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Once all of the Taken portals have collapsed, you’ll be transported to the next location. You can view your process underneath the quest icon on the left side of your screen.

These are what the Taken Rifts look like. You need to close them to increase your Wayfinder’s Compass progress.

There are different events for the next stage, so it might vary.

Prevent Ether Harvest

The next phase has you locating a beacon, which is a straight shot run. When you reach that end, you’ll enter a new area where several dead Servators are still spawning small ether projectiles. You need to be shooting those and preventing them from reaching the ether harvester that you’re protecting. The harvester you need to protect will bounce around the map, and you’ll also be invaded by numerous enemies during the encounter.

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These are the blue orbs you want to shoot while you are defending these ether harvesting. Make sure they do not make it to the harvester.

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When the last harvester has been protected, you’ll return to the starting location to retrieve your Wayfinder Compass, and you’ll move on to the final stage of the event.

Charge the batteries

Alternatively, if you did not do the Ether Harvest, you’ll have to do the Charge the Batteries event. During this event, you’ll be tasked with grabbing different orbs of power and bring them to the center of the map. While this happening, Taken will be spawning all over the area, and there will be large enemies protected by shields. You will not damage these large enemies until you place all three batteries at the center.

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You will have to do this process twice or until the bar reaches the last end on the left side of your UI. Once the bar reaches the end, you’ll be transported to the starting location of the event to retrieve your fully charged Wayfinder’s Compass.

Defeat Taken Lieutenant

The final stage of the Astral Alignment event has you and your team facing off against a large Taken Ogre. You’ll have to lower its health down in three parts. The first one will be a standard fight with your allies shooting it until you reach the first third of its health. When this happens, a shield surrounds it, protecting it from damage.

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You then need to wait for the notification of “A Taken Pylon has spawned” to appear. When this happens, you need to find the Pylon, a large Taken orb that you can destroy. When the Pylon is destroyed, it summons a Taken enemy that you must kill and then pick up the Taken Essence that it drops. It gives you an attack that you can use to destroy the Ogre’s shields and then attack it. If you do not destroy the shields, and another Taken enemy with Taken Essence will spawn.

These are the Pylons that you need to find. They are typically on the outside of the arena. Enter the Pylons to destroy the center and then defeat the Taken enemy to obtain their essence.

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You’ll have to do this rotation at least one more time at the last third of the Ogre’s health. Once the Ogre is dead, you’ll have completed Astral Alignment, and you can receive youre reward on the stairwell.