How to complete the Chain Reaction Bounty in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games

It’s probably more than five.

Destiny 2

There are plenty of bounties to complete while participating in Destiny 2‘s latest seasonal events, the Guardian Games. By completing these bounties, you assist your favorite class in earning points for them in the games, proving which of the classes are the best. One of the bounties, Chain Reaction, is causing a few troubles for some players.

The Chain Reaction bounty is for the Hunter class, where you need to use Shadowshot to tether and take out at least five enemies. The bounty requires you do this twice. You need to go down the Void Nightstalker route and activate the lower section to ensure you have the ultimate Shadowshot ready. Many players are having the problem with it because, for whatever reason, the number of enemies they tether doesn’t seem to count for them. It seems you need to hit more than five to get the bounty to work effectively.

To help counter this issue, players have attempted to place themselves in specific scenarios and encounter where they engage multiple waves of enemies to try and get the bounty to tick off for them correctly. Some have been able to have it activate by taking on the massive wave of Vex that show up underneath Lunar Battlegrounds on the Moon. In contrast, others have completed it by going to Shuro Chi to fight the gigantic waves of Thralls by fighting Shadowshot down on the spot before they spawn in, and then taking them out.

It could work for you in various locations. There’s nothing special about this quest, but for whatever reason, some players will hit up to five enemies at a time and still not have it happen. You want to place yourself in a situation where you’re taking a good, solid group of enemies and then luring them into a single location to spam this ultimate.

You will probably need to repeat this process over and over again. If you successfully get a tick, return to orbit and try to repeat the process. Make sure to have your Shadowshot ultimate at the ready each time.