How to complete the Cow Catcher quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Yule Festival

The feast has escaped.

Would it be a proper Yule Festival without a proper feast? In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you’ll need to build a Cattle Farm in your settlement, and if you do that, you’ll have to speak to the cattle farmers who handle the building about what’s going on. It turns out, the cows have escaped, and you’ll need to wrangle them all up before the big feast.

Reach the Shore

After learning that the cows have gone missing, you’ll have to help Bertham recapture them. They’re over by the shore, which is close to the south of your settlement. You’ll jump on a boat and cross the river.

Once you reach the other side, Bertham will inform you this is where they dispersed. You’ll have to search the area to find the cows, and using your raven makes it even easier.

Where to find all cows

The first cow is pretty close to your current position. There are two other locations, one to the southeast and the other directly west, of the first cow. When you approach, because Eivor suggests turning to find the cows into a hunt, you want to stalk up on the cows and use your bows to take them down.

After taking down the first three cows, make sure you remember to loot them to collect their meat. Once you have the first three, the final cow will be moving around the small area, and it won’t go too far. Use your raven to narrow down its position.

Bertham will slaughter and take out the cow’s meat after taking down the creature. After taking all of the meat, you’ll escort Bertham back to the settlement. When you complete the quest, Bertham becomes an opponent at the brawling event, and you earn 140 Yule Tokens.