How to get to the Ancient Harbor in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Discover ancient secrets.


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The Ancient Harbor is a location in Auroa in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that you’ll probably only encounter towards the end of the game. However, with the addition of Operation Motherland, it’s possible to access the area much earlier in the game. This guide will explain how you can get to the Ancient Harbor without being taken out by drone swarms.

Step 1: Get a boat

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The Ancient Harbor is located on Golem Island, where the most formidable enemies in Auroa are located. The area is a no fly zone, meaning you can’t pick up a helicopter and zoom over there. Instead, you need to be much more stealthy in your approach. Get to the top of Auroa, as far up the mainland as you can, and then find a boat. These are common around the shoreline, and while any boat will do, one that packs in a lot of power is best.

Step 2: Head to Golem Island

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Now you have the arduous task of sitting in a boat while you sail for ten or fifteen kilometers. You’re aiming for the bottom left-hand corner of Golem Island. It’s a small peninsula that looks like it’s barely connected to the main island itself. See below for a map reference of the Ancient Harbor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only thing that’s challenging about getting to the Ancient Harbor is the boat ride. Once you arrive, go around to the location, you should see some ladders on the cliffs. You can use these to get up onto the mainland and start freeing the island one enemy at a time. There’s also a mystery to be solved here for those who are interested in the Lara Croft crossover.