How to complete the Deliverance assassination event for Engelwin in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Obey the bishop.

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The infiltration missions introduced in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s The Siege of Paris expansion provide a bit more freedom to eliminating a particular target. You can choose to hunt after them directly, or you can choose to investigate points of intel to learn more about the safeguards surrounding a target, making it easier to take them out. Another element added to infiltration missions are assassination events, and these are special events that you can work through to eliminate a target. This guide details how to complete the Deliverance assassination event for Engelwin.

You’ll need to speak with the next person preparing to go through the Deliverance ritual to start this event. You can find them inside the church, on the top area, on the left side of the building. They will be pacing back and forth on the second floor. When you speak with them, they’ll inform you that you need to wear a specific robe before you can proceed into the ritual.

The quickest way to acquire the robe is to find the guard banging against the door outside the church. You can choose to assassinate them, or you can steal the key off them.

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Once you have the key, proceed back inside and find the individual on the second floor. In that same area will be a small chest that you can use the key on to acquire the robes. Go into your inventory to place the robes on, and then you can proceed inside the lower portions of the church. You’ll be stopped by a bishop who will make sure you are wearing the robes before you can go further.

After that, a blind nun stops you and has you perform a riddle. All you have to do is light the pair of braziers inside the room, and then you can continue forward. The next room will be where you can find Engelwin.

Multiple guards are patrolling the exterior of the room, with Engelwin in the center. You want to avoid the guards and jump down from the second floor to approach the pair in the middle. When you interact with them, you’ll jump into a cutscene, and then you have the option to disrobe or not. Make sure you have Eivor disrobe, and then you can assassinate Engelwin.

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