How to complete the Deliverance ritual assassination event for Little Mother in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Just following orders.

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When attempting to assassinate the Little Mother during the Sister of Sorrow quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s The Siege of Paris expansion, there will be an assassination event you can complete. The event will give you a unique assassination cutscene for the Little Mother and make the process of eliminating her different than the typical ones you may have done in the base game. This guide breaks down how to complete the Deliverance ritual assassination event for Little Mother.

You’ll be able to complete this assassination event by proceeding into the crypt underneath Aquila, where the queen is being held. Inside the first chamber, before entering the ritual chamber, there is a nun you can speak with who details to you that she assists Little Mother with the rituals. She gives Eivor the chance to act in her place while performing the ceremony on the Queen. After accepting the task, grab the knife on the table, go around the corner to the tub with blood, and dip the blade in it.

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The next step will be to grab the key in the room to the right of the ritual entrance. You’ll need to slide underneath the exposed rock. The key will be in the room, sitting on the table. Return to the larger chamber, and use the key on the door to make your way to the Deliverance ritual.

Once inside the ritual room, you do not want to be noticed by any guards in the room. If they see you, you’ll enter combat and ruin the assassination event. Your best bet is to hug the right side of the room and make your way over to Little Mother. There will be an interact icon to her right. When you click on it, some of her guards may notice you, but so long as the bars do not become full, you should be able to interact with Little Mother and complete the ritual. Eivor will stab her in the eye when she asks for the knife, and the assassination event is complete.