How to complete the Devil’s Quoits standing stone puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Finding the light through the fog.

Despite its rather sinister-sounding name, the Devil’s Quoits standing stone puzzle isn’t all that dangerous, as is the case with most of these puzzles in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

But its lack of danger doesn’t mean that the puzzle isn’t tricky to solve. Without prior knowledge, you can likely find yourself wandering around the area to look for any clue of what you should do. Luckily, we know what you need to do to solve this puzzle and have that solution right here for you.

How to solve the Devil’s Quoits puzzle

You can find the puzzle in the southeast corner of Glowecestrescire, right across the river from Oxeneforda. It’s right by where you can find small brown trout.

You will see the group of stones standing in a foggy, swampy area.

In the center of the area, you will find a stone with a symbol and the prompt to interact with it. Doing so will trigger Brendan of Clonfert to speak to you briefly. When this is over, use your Odin’s Vision to reveal all the images on the surrounding stones.

The stones for this puzzle are all spread out, which, at first, feels impossible to line up correctly. However, this puzzle requires a little different method from other ones of its kind: you don’t stay on land.

If you look off the southern shore, you will see an abandoned boat floating in the water. Hop onto this boat and begin to steer it in front of the smallest rock along the shore.

Line this rock’s image up with the image on the main group of rocks in the center, near the stone you interacted with. You will most likely have to leave the command of the boat to position Eivor correctly. You will know you’re in the right spot when the camera zooms in on the images and your controller begins to vibrate.

When you’ve got it, the symbol will burst with light, and the puzzle will be solved, giving you a Skill Point to level yourself up with.