How to complete the Diplomacy or Death challenge – Destiny 2

ALERT! Incoming Transmission…

Screenshot by Gamepur

Week 7 of Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen brought along with it a new set of challenges to be completed. Like in the previous weeks, these challenges provide additional XP for the season pass and tokens for leveling up the reputation of the War Table.

The challenge of focus is Diplomacy or Death, which requires players to listen to five intercepted transmissions at the radio kiosk in the H.E.L.M. The radio kiosk can be found on the wall to the Umbral Decoder’s left when arriving at the H.E.L.M. It can be hard to miss, but when a transmission is available, you should see a symbol hovering over the radio kiosk informing that a transmission is available to be accessed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Getting the transmissions is extremely easy and will require little effort. Players might even have some of them unlocked and not even be aware of it. The transmissions can be unlocked by progressing the Challenger’s Proving seasonal questline. Seemingly unlocking one transmission for each completed part. The exact parameters of unlocking the transmissions are unclear, but completing the questline and overall seasonal progression seems to unlock them.

Once listening to the five required transmissions has been completed, a prompt will appear for the seasonal challenge completion, and access to the challenge’s reward will be granted.