How to complete the Disasterpiece main job in Cyberpunk 2077

One really long, but eventful rescue mission awaits.

Image vid CDPR

Directly after The Space In Between mission in Cyberpunk 2077, you should find V consoling Judy after recent struggles with finding Evelyn. The dialogue that follows will lead into the next main job, Disasterpiece, as it finally gets down to the bottom of Evelyn’s strange disappearance.

Begin at Jig-Jig Street

Once Dr. Finger’s recommends that Judy and V search Jig-Jig for Evelyn’s Braindance, you’ll need to follow the waypoint that leads to the area’s sex shop. At the shop, the vendor will point you in the direction of a dealer who will have the Braindance on him,

He will ask if you are a cop, but any response given will calm his nerves. After, he’ll require you to pay $1,000 for the device (as shown above), though; this can be bought for cheaper if you’ve visited this dealer before and have a Cool attribute of five or higher.

Putting on the Braindance

Once you return to Evelyn, V will put on the Braindance, putting you into Visual Playback Mode. Here, you’ll be shown footage of two Scavs brutalizing someone in an unknown location. For a better idea of where this is, immediately zoom out and move the camera freely by going into Editing Mode using the front left trigger.

In the Visual layer, start at the 15-second mark. Near the entrance, there should be a long countertop. On the right of it, hover over and begin scanning the pizza box. Then, fast forward to the 25-second mark and hover over the Lab Suit that is hanging on a post behind the female scav. It is tough to spot, but should be highlighted in yellow or blue once your pointer is close.

Lastly, fast forward once more near the 45-second mark, which should ultimately highlight more items around the room. Of them, scan the small coffee cup on the female scav’s desk. After that is done, it will prompt you to leave the Braindance sequence.

In enemy territory

Once at the hideout, you have the option to open the front gate if your Body attribute is a nine or higher. However, there are a number of wooden planks on the left side to easily jump on and sneak over the wall from (as shown above). When in their territory, there will be a small wave of enemies outside, as well as another inside the building.

It is possible to use stealth on both of these waves, but be sure to disable the camera at the building’s main entrance. Inside, head to the back right of the building and take the stairs down. Once on the bottom floor, continue to follow the waypoint that leads to Evelyn. There will be a few remaining enemies, but crouching will allow you to easily slip past them.

Once you enter Evelyn’s room, you will have a few dialogue options – all of which will not affect the story whatsoever. After that is over, pick up Evelyn to activate a cutscene, bringing you to the next main job.