How to complete the DogLife Challenge in BitLife

It’s a ruff life.

In another surprise twist, the BitLife developers have released the challenge a day early. The DogLife challenge is here, and if you complete it before time runs out, you can add a unique appearance item to your avatar to wear in BitLife. In this guide, we’re going to cover all of the tasks you need to complete for the DogLife challenge.

These are all the tasks you need to do for the DogLife Challenge.

  • Try our new game, DogLife

All you need to do for this challenge is download the game, DogLife, and try it. You can choose to download the DogLife game by going to the Apple or Google Play store if you have an iPhone or Android device, respectively. After the game downloads, you only have to play for a little bit before the challenge is finished. You want to make sure you download the game on the same phone you play, BitLife, or the challenge won’t count for you. You also want to make sure it’s on the same Apple or Google Play account.

After downloading DogLife, return to BitLife to receive your reward. You’ll be able to pick from one of four random items. It’s a quick challenge leading into the holiday season.