How to complete the Enchanted Ring quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Help Kristoff remember his life.

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There are a ton of different quests that you will be given by the residents in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you complete these quests, you will increase your Friendship Level with those you help. Anna has been trying desperately to get Kristoff to remember their love and things are looking up. You need a symbol of their love enchanted by powerful magic to bring his memories back. This guide will show you how to complete the Enchanted Ring quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Enchanted Ring quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have raised Anna’s Friendship Level to level seven, you will unlock the Enchanted Ring quest. During this quest, Anna will task you with helping Kristoff regain the rest of his memories. Begin the quest by talking to Anna and she will ask for Merlin’s help since he is the only one who knows about magic. Go talk to Merlin and he will tell you the ingredients required for the spell.

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To complete the spell, you will need the following items:

  • Anna and Kristoff’s Engagement Ring
  • 3 Red Mushrooms
  • 10 Dream Shards

The items required for the spell are pretty easy to find. For the ring, you simply need to talk to Anna and tell her it is needed for the spell. She will give you the ring afterward. The Red Mushrooms are all located around the large willow tree in the center of the Glade of Trust. Finally, the Dream Shards can be obtained by digging up the sparkling patches of dirt around the valley or by removing Night Thorns. Once you have all of the items, go to a crafting station to enchant the Engagement Ring.

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Bring the ring to Anna and she will immediately want to take it to Kristoff. Follow Anna as she meets up with Kristoff. After a long chat, Kristoff will remember his love for Anna. Speak to Anna afterward to complete the quest.