How to get Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A source of Dreamlight magic.

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You will collect many different items as you make your way through Disney Dreamlight Valley. While items like Softwood, Iron Ore, and Flowers are important, no material is as important to the valley as Dream Shards. These tiny crystals are a source of Dreamlight Magic and are required to complete numerous quests in the game. It is crucial that you remember where to find these crystals so that the Forgetting doesn’t take hold again. This guide will show you where and how to get Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Where to find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It won’t take long in Disney Dreamlight Valley for you to get told about the power of Dream Shards. Merlin will have you collecting them pretty early on in the game. After that, they will become a necessary ingredient for almost any quest that has you crafting some type of magic. Luckily, these crystals are actually very simple to get.

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The first way to get Dream Shards is by destroying Night Thorns. Night Thorns are the dark vines that grow in the valley thanks to The Forgetting. When you open a new biome, you will have Night Thorns to clear out. More Night Thorns will spawn each day for you to clear out. Interact with these vines, and your character will destroy them, leaving behind Dream Shards on occasion.

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You can also get Dream Shards by digging. Take out your trusty Royal Shovel and start digging up the ground where you see it sparkling, like in the image above. These digging spots have a chance to spawn up to two Dream Shards at one time. They also have a chance to spawn Night Shards, equally important crystals you should hang on.