How to complete the Ensemble’s Refrain Challenge in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass


Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Raids come with additional challenges that players can try to complete if they are in the mood. Normally, each section has a challenge, and the Ensemble’s Refrain challenge takes place in the final part of the Vault of Glass Raid, during the fight against Atheon.

The challenge itself is quite simple. During the Atheon fight, the mechanical monster will teleport three players way to another planet. There, they will need to destroy a variety of oracles that will spawn in if they hope to make it back to the main area again.

The oracles will spawn in groups of three, and for this challenge, each player will need to destroy one oracle each. Should any player destroy more than one oracle from any group, then the challenge is failed.

For this challenge to go smoothly, all players should be aware of the potential spawn positions of the oracles, but they will have enough time to track them down when the time comes as long as they are organized before it starts. The really important part to figure out is the order that players will be destroy the oracles. As long you the group knows who is first, second, and third, the others can be holding the Relic, and helping to find the oracle.