How to complete the Exposé mission in Call of Duty DMZ

Make your way through two maps in order to finish this Crown mission.

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Despite being just a Tier 3 mission, the Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 quest Exposé in DMZ is one of few where players must travel to both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island in order to complete it. To make matters more complicated, squads will need to stay alive during the course of the mission, or else it must be started over. Here’s how to find the mission’s fake Al-Qatala documents and complete Exposé in DMZ.

Where to find the fake Al-Qatala documents in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Firstly, it is crucial to first make sure that Exposé is one of your selected Crown missions before deploying into DMZ, as its required items will not spawn on the map if it is inactive. Your first objective will be to then grab the fake Al-Qatala documents hidden in the Zaya Observatory location. As shown below, the documents are located between three buildings on the right side of the POI and spawn inside a dumpster on the side of a Burger Town restaurant. After these are added to your inventory, you will simply have to reach an exfil point and leave the map with them to complete this first stage of Exposé.

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How to stash the fake Al-Qatala documents on the Central Security Desk

The final stage of the mission will then consist of you stashing the documents inside the Central Security Desk within Ashika Island. Thus, you should click on the Edit Your Loadout option after you have chosen the map and head over to your small backpack to add the documents to your inventory. As for where exactly you will be dropping off the item, the Central Security Desk is on the top floor of the Tsuki Castle Hideout near the center of the map (as marked below).

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It is highly advised you bring only your best weapons with you, as you can only get inside the building by either getting the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key or hacking the Wheelson roaming around its entrance. More importantly, the desk is guarded by the Bombmaker, a boss who even has some bodyguards of his own. Although these enemies do not have armor plates, they typically are bunched together in the room, so having a Semtex or Frag Grenade can work wonders in the midst of this fight.

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The mission can then be finished by interacting with the desk in the corner of the room and reaching an exfil point on Ashika. Keep in mind, an alarm will go off once the Bombmaker is defeated, ultimately causing more enemies to spawn near the hideout. Luckily, you can interact with the desk once more to turn the alarm off and leave the area in peace. After you exited Ashika Island, the mode will reward you with the Mawizeh Resort Main Building Key and a hefty 10,000 XP bonus.