How to complete the Fall Festival Challenge in Fall Guys

Collect all of the mooncakes.

Fall Festival Challenge

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fall Festival Challenge in Fall Guys is a week-long event that is themed around the change in season. You can collect mooncakes as you complete several small challenges varying in difficulty. Unlike some of the longer events, there are only six challenges to complete for the Fall Festival and to unlock everything, you must complete all six. Let’s take a look at all of the challenges, and how to complete them.

All Challenges for the Fall Festival

Three of these challenges can be completed in any show, while the other three are exclusive to the Fall Festival’s limited-time show, Squad Celebration.

Own a tail for 15 seconds in Any Show

Duration: 15 seconds

This challenge requires you to play any Tail Tag game. There are three options: Tail Tag, Team Tail Tag, and Royal Fumble. While Team Tail Tag is the easiest to do this in, you can complete it in whichever mode you prefer.

Qualify from Team Rounds in Any Show

Duration: 3 times

While you can do this in any show, the Squad Celebration show is themed around team games and is the easiest way to do it.

Be in the air for a total of 60 seconds in Any Show

Duration: 60 seconds

This is all about maximizing air time. Any show with fans that can blow you up in the air is a good way to max out your air time.

Qualify from the first round of Squad Celebration

Duration: 3 times

This one is easiest enough, just playing the Squad Celebration show enough should get you there.

Reach the Final Round in Squad Celebration

Duration: 6 times

This one is a little trickier, we recommend that, since Squad Celebration is a Squads show, you team up with friends if you can. Using solo queue can be less than reliable.

Win Squad Celebration

Duration: 3 times

Same advice as above.