How to complete the feat Meet the Stuyvesants in Dubai in Hitman 3

Family matters.

Marcus Stuyvesant had to cover the tracks of his life by faking his death in Hitman 3. While he may have been doing that for his own personal gains, he still has family who remembers and loves him, to a certain extent. His daughter, Cornelia, has appeared at the Dubai event to meet with him, and she wants to learn why he has to go into hiding and potentially never speak to her again. To get these two together, you have to work a little magic to help out.

Where to find Marcus Stuyvesant’s daughter

Cornelia will be on level 1 of the Dubai level. You can find it in the private bar. She’ll be speaking with an artist, attempting to talk with her for as much as possible. The problem with that is because the artist is there, Lucy Phillips, speaking to Stuyvesant’s daughter, he doesn’t want to appear before his daughter. You’ll have to get rid of her, and you can do this by poisoning her red wine glass.

Poisoning the red wine

You want to fill the red wine at the bar with rat poison. Luckily, there’s some nearby that you can grab without too much of an issue. It’s inside of the storage room, right next to the Black Gold Bar. Jump inside, and you should find the poison on one of the shelves. Grab it, and take it back to the private bar. You don’t want to use it on the red wine immediately. You want to wait for Marcus to get close to the area, so you may have to wait a little bit for him to show up.

When he’s in the area, go over to the red wine, give it to the poison, and then wait for Lucy to grab a drink. After drinking it, she’ll have to rush to the bathroom, and then Marcus will have his chance to meet with his daughter. After the two talk for a little bit, and begin their conversation, the feat will unlock, and you will have completed it.

If you want to take out Marcus at this point, the best way to do that is to go upstairs and mess with the wench on level 2. It should be overlooking the private bar, and it will bring a chandelier down on Marcus while he’s at the table, speaking with Cornelia.