How to complete The Final Pieces in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The best memories are the ones that create armor.

While working your way through Torghast and your covenant’s campaign in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’ll eventually pick up the Final Pieces quest and begin the steps of getting your piece of Legendary Armor.

You need several components for The Final Pieces: a Rune Vessel, a restored Runecarver Memory, and two separate Missives. Here’s how to get all of them.

Rune Vessels

Rune Vessels are armor-specific pieces of gear you can use to begin making a Legendary item. You can make these on your own if you know the profession, or you can find them from Auction House sellers (probably for a high price). We have a table below that tells you the name of the armor series, the type of armor the name corresponds to, and who can create the armor.


Runecarver Memory

Memories are rewards for completing many of the different endgame content in Shadowlands. Your Adventure Guide will tell you the specific location by clicking on the Professions tab. You’ll earn these memories through world quests, raids, dungeons, and world bosses. You can find up to 16 Memories with each of your characters.


You can get Missives through two different methods. If you’re learning Inscription in the Shadowlands expansion, you can purchase these abilities from Scribe Au’tehshi inside the Hall of Shapes in Oribos. There’s also the Auction House if you have enough gold set aside. Missives have four different types: Critical Strike, Versatitlity, Mastery, and Haste. Consider these options and choose the best pair for your character.

Completing The Final Pieces

Once you have your hands on all four components, turn them in to the Runecarver inside Torghast. You can now begin working toward a Legendary Armor set for your character.