How to complete The Fragmented Past quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Help Buzz remember the past.

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Buzz Lightyear has finally made it to Disney Dreamlight Valley, and he needs your help establishing a new branch of the Space Rangers along with many other tasks. The Fragmented Past quest requires you to help Buzz remember his time in Dreamlight Valley. His past is fragmented, and it is up to you to help figure out whether he had friends or enemies. This guide will show you how to complete The Fragmented Past quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Fragmented Past quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After completing Buzz’s quests prior to this by helping him bring leaflets about the Space Rangers to a few residents, it is time to help Buzz remember his past. After talking to Buzz, you will be tasked with finding a clue that is buried near the river in the Forest of Valor. Head up to the forest and search the area by where the entrance to the Frosted Heights biome is. You will find a sparkling patch of dirt to dig up.

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Digging into this area will reveal a memory of Buzz and Scar in which they appear to be attacking each other. Go talk to Scar to figure out what this memory could be. Of course, Scar won’t tell you everything and instead will request a few meals for his cooperation; a bowl of Fish Soup and a Tuna Burger. You will need the following ingredients for the two meals:

  • Tuna Burger – Tuna, Onion, Lemon, Wheat, Vegetable
  • Fish Soup – Fish, Vegetable, Milk

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After making the meals, bring them to Scar, and he will let you enter his cave to pick up a Star Command Emblem. This will give you the second piece of the memory. For the final piece of the memory, fish the orange nodes in the river that runs through the Sunlit Plateau. This will get you an old fishing rod showing that Buzz and Scar were having fun and Goofy was also with them.

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Finish out the quest by talking to Buzz and Scar. After a few conversations and a little bit of attitude from a grumpy lion, the quest will be complete.