How to complete the Friends Aren’t Food quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scar is a picky eater.

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There are a whole bunch of different quests for you to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each of the residents has their own quest line for you to progress through. Thanks to the Scar’s Kingdom update, Scar’s quest line is available, and not all of his quests are straightforward. Some require you to traverse the valley and find ingredients to cook food. For instance, the Friends Aren’t Food quest tasks you with cooking meals fit for a king. Are you up to the task? This guide will show you how to complete the Friends Aren’t Food quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Friends Aren’t Food quest guide

To begin this quest, you will first need to complete Scar’s previous quest called Nature & Nurture. You will also have to raise his Friendship Level to level two. Speak to Scar after this to start the Friends Aren’t Food quest. To begin, Scar will request that you start dressing like a leader to gain his respect. Visit Mother Gothel and she will provide you with a list of materials to gather so that she can make you a new coat.

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You will have four materials to gather for Mother Gothel which can be found all across the valley. Gather the materials listed below and give them to Gothel afterward:

  • 10 Fiber
  • 4 Fabric
  • 2 Citrines
  • 1 Iron Ingot

After giving the materials to Mother Gothel, she will make you a new coat. Put on the coat and return to Scar. He will now tell you that he is famished and requires sustenance. Talk to Remy to get the recipe books for Tekka Maki and Sake Maki. Gather the following ingredients for the Tekka Maki:

Gather the following ingredients to make the Sake Maki:

  • Rice
  • Salmon
  • Seaweed

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Make sure that you gather enough ingredients to make two of each of the meals. You are feeding a king after all. Once you have the meals cooked, bring them to Remy. Remy will ask you to follow him to talk to Scar. The two will have a conversation and Scar will enjoy his Sushi. After the conversation, talk to Scar to complete the quest.