How to complete the Nature & Nurture quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring life back to the Sunlit Plateau.

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Each resident in Disney Dreamlight Valley has an entire quest line for you to complete. The Scar’s Kingdom update brought in Scar and a continuation of the main story. The first quest of Scar’s quest line is called Nature & Nurture. Not only does this quest provide more information about your character’s role in the story, but it unveils some dark secrets of the valley. This guide will show you how to complete the Nature & Nurture quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Nature & Nurture quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To begin this quest, you will first need to unlock Scar. This is very simple and will lead to you immediately being given the Nature & Nurture quest. It seems that the water of the Sunlit Plateau is being blocked by something inside Vitalys Mine. Go to where the river in the Sunlit Valley runs into the cliffside to find the entrance to the mine.

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Go through the mine by following the path inside. Make sure you have your pickaxe ready because plenty of mining will be involved. Continue along the path until you reach where the campsite is set up. Go up the hill to find a barrel and a note describing how to destroy the Night Thorns blocking the flow of water. Before leaving the mine, gather the Crackling Candies and Ginger from the campsite. Destroy the rock near the water to make the bridge appear to get back to the entrance.

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Bring the items you found to Merlin and he will tell you to make some Extra Fizzy Root Beer to destroy the Night Thorns inside the mine. To make the Root Beer, you will need the Ginger you got from the cave, Vanilla, and Sugarcane. Combine the three ingredients at a cooking station to get the Extra Fizzy Root Beer. Bring it to the mine and toss it along with the Crackling Candies in the barrel. This will cause a reaction that destroys the Night Thorns and raises the water level of the river.

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Leave the mine and you will get a short cutscene featuring a shadow version of your character. They will run away and disappear inside a portal. Follow them through the portal. You will get another cutscene showing your shadow self running through a darkened version of the valley before dropping the Orb of Nurturing. Pick up the orb and bring it to Merlin.

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Merlin will task you with creating the Miracle Growth Elixir using some Dreamlight, Rich Soil, and Vitalys Crystals. Combine the three materials together and you will get the Miracle Growth Elixir. Use the elixir in your inventory to upgrade your Watering Can and then return to Merlin. He will give you the Orb of Nurturing. Plant the orb in the ground near the Pillar of Nurturing and water it regularly. Now you just need to wait.