How to complete the Gleewoman World Event in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Finding your biggest fan.

Eivor will come across many people that need her help in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Many of them will thank you for your support and go on their way, except for Aswig.

Aswig is a woman you will meet as part of The Gleewoman world event. You can find her in Essexe, a little southwest of Wulfaswic, along the Thames River. As you get near her, you will hear her yells. She has been tied up and left alone, trapped. A note pinned to a wall near her will warn you not to release her, but we don’t pay attention to those kinds of things when a quest is to be completed.

Walk up to Aswig and untie her. Speaking with her will introduce the two of you, and, well, she will quickly become obsessed with you. As in, she will run after you and follow you everywhere you go, speaking about how great you are.

Now, to get rid of her, you need some money. Speak with Aswig after she follows you for a bit, and you will be given three options:

  1. Give her no Silver.
  2. Give her 33 Silver.
  3. Give her 165 Silver.

Selecting the first two options won’t complete the event, and she will continue to follow you around. So you have to choose the third option and pay the highest amount. This will cause her to thank you and part ways with you.

Some players have reported that you have to do something in front of her before she offers you the options to get rid of her, but we were able to immediately have the conversation with her. If it doesn’t appear for you, try killing a nearby animal or jumping from a high place to get her to say something about you, then speak with her.