How to complete the inspect the wall beneath the eastern building Cipher quest in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The encrypted message points to a new hidden room inside of Anvil Square.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After Fortnite players were tasked with cracking open vaults earlier in Chapter 4 Season 1, they now need to crack the codes of the battle royale’s encrypted Cipher quests. Instead of lending objectives, each challenge in the questline only features a group of numbers, and you must solve them to figure out where to go. For one, the first of its quests only displays “” Here’s how to solve this encrypted message and complete the Cipher quest in Fortnite.

How to do the first encrypted Cipher quest in Fortnite

Once you decode the encrypted Cipher, you will find the “” quest takes place in Anvil Square. More importantly, it hints that players must check the wall of a building on the east side of the location. As pictured below, you can begin by heading to the building closest to Anvil Square’s bridge and searching for a locker on its first floor. The locker sits on the right side of the room near a rack of tires.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once the locker is found, you should use your Pickaxe on it until a set of stairs to the basement are revealed. The challenge can then be completed by walking to the back of the room and interacting with its glowing table. By doing so, you will be gifted an additional 10,000 XP and the next stage in the encrypted Cipher questline.

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Keep in mind, all encrypted Cipher quests will only be available until March 10, meaning you have a small period of time to unlock its exclusive Circuitry weapon Wrap. In the meantime, those eager to earn extra XP can also take on Part 4 of the Oathbound questline. Its challenges reward players 20,000 XP each, including the task of having to decipher the Rift Gate coordinates.