How to get the Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

White hair and yellow eyes, the real deal.


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Geralt of Rivia was added to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 pretty early on. After completing a simple set of quests, players could earn The Witcher Geralt of Rivia Skin. Now, as part of a midseason drop, you can earn the Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin, and this guide explains how.

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How do you unlock the Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin?

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin, you need to complete Page 2 of the Geralt of Rivia challenges. These become available once you complete Page 1’s challenges. Each challenge awards a cosmetic item for you to equip, and the Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin is your reward for completing all four challenges.

  • Winds howling, bars droppin’ requires you to collect 100 Bars in matches in Fortnite. Your reward is the Witcher Medallion Emoticon.
  • Steel sword, Silver sword, And a bunch of little swords that explode, tasks you with dealing 500 damage to opponents using the Ex-Calibur Rifle. The reward for this is the Witcher’s Dawn Animated Wrap.
  • To complete This local “elixir” is served piping hot, gain 300 shields from potions. You’ll get the Geralt of Rivia Banner Icon for your trouble.
  • Remember to name your steed Roach is a quest that needs you to eliminate 3 opponents while mounted. For this, you’ll get the Inflate-A-Roach Glider.
  • Finally, Always collect your fee for a job well done is the last quest that simply requires you to complete all the others in this list. The Viper School Geralt of Rivia skin is your reward.

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All of these quests are easy to complete, with the possible exception of killing opponents while mounted and dealing damage with the Ex-Calibur Rifle. These are things we struggle with, but others may find them simple. You have until March 8 to complete these challenges and unlock the best outfit for Geralt of Rivia in Fortnite. Although, if we’re honest, the Roach Glider is probably the best cosmetic this game has ever received.