How to complete the Jordan challenge in NBA 2K23 and all rewards

You’ll be seeing stars after you finish all these challenges.

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If you asked most NBA 2K fans what they were most excited about this year, many of them would say the return of the Jordan challenge. While it shares the same name and even some of the same tasks as the mode in NBA 2K11, it is an entirely new experience that is one of the most ambitious things done in sports gaming in quite a few years. We are here to break down everything in the Jordan Challenge and help you get the rewards worthy of a six-time champion.

Rules of the Jordan Challenge

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In order to get all the rewards shown above, you need to complete 15 moments from Michael Jordan’s career and get 40 out of 45 possible stars. This does give you some leeway, but there is an Achievement or Trophy tied to getting all 45 stars. Thankfully, the challenges can be finished on any difficulty. While it’s easy to just recommend that you finish everything on Rookie, it’s important to play whatever feels most comfortable to you and adjust accordingly. Let’s get into the specific challenges.

How to acquire 40 stars in the Jordan Challenge

Game 1: A star is born

  • Win the game
  • Score 16 points
  • Get nine rebounds

Game 2: Got next

  • Win the game
  • Score 12 points
  • Win by 15 or more points

Game 3: The Arrival

  • Win the game
  • Score 63 points
  • Get 6 assists

Game 4: Star of Stars

  • Win the game
  • Score 40 points
  • Get eight rebounds and three assists

Game 5: The Shot

  • Juke Larry Nance
  • Correctly aim “The Shot”
  • Win the Game

Game 5 is an oddity in this game mode because it is simply a series of Quick Time Events where you mash the A button on Xbox or the Cross button on PlayStation to receive the inbound, then aim the left stick toward the basket as Jordan is in mid-air. This moment is entirely all or nothing and you can not receive less than three stars.

Game 6:Shootout

  • Win the game
  • Outscore Dominique Wilkins
  • Score 40 points and hold Dominique Wilkins to under 20 points

Game 7: 69 points

  • Win the game
  • Score 69 points
  • Shoot 50% or better from the field

Game 8: Bad Boys

  • Win the game
  • Score 47 points
  • Get 10 rebounds & four assists

Game 9: Start of a Dynasty

  • Win the game
  • Score 30 points and get 10 assists
  • Shoot 50% or better from the field and grab four rebounds

Game 10: The Shrug

  • Win the game
  • Hit six 3 point shots in the first half
  • Score 39 points and keep Clyde Drexler under 17 points

Game 11: Double Nickel

  • Win the game
  • Score 55 points
  • Hold John Starks to less than two 3 pointers

Game 12: Fathers Day Victory

  • Win the game
  • Score 22 points and get nine rebounds
  • Get seven assists and win by 12 or more

Game 13: The Flu Game

  • Win the game
  • Score 38 points
  • Get seven rebounds and five assists

Game 14: Pass the Torch

  • Win the game
  • Score 36 points and hold Kobe Bryant under 20 points
  • Win by 10 or more points

Game 15: The Last Dance

  • Win the game
  • Score 45 points
  • Hold Jeff Hornacek to under 15 points

As you can see, these challenges range from perfectly reasonable to absolutely infuriatingly difficult. Remember to take your time and be patient. There’s also no shame in playing these games on the easiest difficulty if you’re having trouble.