How to complete The Lost Princess in Legend of Mana

A wandering princess.

When you reach Domina in Legend of Mana, you can meet a troubled NPC named Elazul who is on the search for a Lost Princess. You can head to the tavern at the center of town to assist him, so long as you do not already have another party member working alongside you.

How to complete The Lost Princess

Once you have Elazul in your party, you will not receive this quest. Instead, speak to the tavern worker where Elazul was initially speaking with when you first met him, and she’ll give you a Jade Egg. You need to use this Jade Egg to access the area Elazul needs to reach to start his quest. With the Jade Egg, return to the world map and place it down above the Junkyard if you can.

When the Jade Egg is placed, it becomes the Mekiv Caverns. There are a handful of routes you need to take while traversing these caverns, and it’s easy to become lost. The best course of action is to follow this pathway.

  • Lower right
  • Lower right
  • Right
  • Lower left
  • Lower left
  • Left

There will be a handful of enemies that you’ll encounter throughout each of these paths, but this is the quickest route to reach Pearl, the princess Elazul is searching for in his quest.

Upon reaching the final room, a large creature with a club will appear, blocking your path. The creature has a handful of unique attacks you need to be careful of. When it’s charging its breath, it’ll let out a frost attack that freezes you for a few seconds. When drawing back its club, it’ll smash it down on the ground, creating an area-of-effect attack, potentially pushing you away from the center. These are the most common attacks you’re going to need to avoid.

Once you defeat the creature, a chest drops in the center of the room, and you’ll receive a burst of experience points for your trouble. Elazul will find Pearl near the rocks, and the two will be reunited. Pearl and Elazul will argue, and you’ll have to choose to stick up for Pearl or side with Elazul, but the outcome remains the same. Pearl will give you the artifact Stone Eye and Firefly Lamp.