How to complete the Photozomb challenge in Overwatch 2

Say, “Cheese!”

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to finish everything that Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event provides, you will need to complete a few challenges that coincide with the special event. While these won’t reward you with any of the special skins during this time, you can get yourself some nice voice lines, sprays, and battle pass experience for doing them. Here is how to complete the Photozomb challenge in Overwatch 2.

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How to do the Photozomb challenge in Wrath of the Bride in Overwatch 2

The Photozomb challenge is really easy to pull off if you have the right hero and is a reference to something that the Overwatch community would often do in the original Junkenstein’s Revenge mode. All you need to do is put yourself where Sombra is supposed to appear when she is introduced in the mode.

This happens near the end of the mode and can be done on any difficulty. You need to play as either Ashe or Sojourn to do it. When you get the key to the throne room, the door will open, and you have a few seconds to reach the spot you are supposed to be at. Before the cutscene plays, you need to either Slide and jump with Sojourn or use Ashe’s Coach Gun to propel yourself up to the floor above where Reinhardt is. If you do it right, you will appear on the landing when Sombra appears, and you will get a message saying, “Photozomb challenge completed.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

After the game ends, you can go to your hero gallery and equip your new voice line Sombra. It is called “Never Cross the Bride.” You don’t need to emote or anything when the camera zooms in; just appear there and the challenge will be completed.