How to complete The Rot in the Slums in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Remove the decay.

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Sigfred wants to see the people who wronged him Francia driven from those lands and reaches out to Eivor to assist him in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You’ll have to eliminate several nobles in the game to purge them from the location and work your way up to their king, Charles the Fat. This guide details how to complete The Rot in the Slums and go after Engelwin to gain an audience with the king.

You’ll start the quest by seeking out Sigfred to the south of Paris. You’ll find him underground, near a rat swarm. You’ll have to speak with and follow him to the next portion, where a cutscene will play. By the end of the cutscene, you’ll be allowed to continue the mission however you like, with your primary goal being to assassinate Engelwin. This is the first infiltration mission, and you can choose to go directly after Engelwin or gain some intel.

If you choose to gain intel on Engelwin, you’ll need to proceed to the tavern in the south of Paris called Boatmen Baths Tavern. You can speak to the patrons inside for another cutscene where you’ll gain two close: A drunk complains about the bishop, and the soldiers in the tavern know where to find the bishop’s scribe. You can choose to follow both of these clues, just the one, or go straight for the bishop.

For the drunk in the tavern, speak to him, and you’ll learn that the bishop had his daughter arrested. Suppose you want to follow the soldier’s clue. In that case, you can find a note next to the soldiers standing at the tavern’s center revealing that the scribe has been stealing from the bishop, and he has a watchword that gives him entry to the church Engelwind is currently occupying.

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Saving the drunk’s daughter

To save the drunk’s daughter, you’ll need to venture into the northeast portion of Paris, into the Flooded Slums. There, you’ll find she’s been captured by an array of guards.

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Defeat the guards, and the woman will escort you to another location. When the pair of you can speak, she reveals she stole a church key from Engelwin, which is why she was arrested. Unfortunately, she already sold it to bandits who have retreated to the sewers that you need to eliminate to acquire the key. The sewers are right next to where she led you, so you don’t have to go too far to find them.

Proceed into the depths of the sewers where you’ll encounter various groups of rat swarms, and you’ll have to bypass them. You’ll find a few bandits down below, but unlike the guards, there are a handful of them. You deal with them pretty fast. Once you reach the second group of bandits, the key will be on the table in the corner, and you’ll be able to enter the church without being stopped at the front door.

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Saving the scribe

By saving the scribe, you’ll have to the northwest portion of Paris, the Plague District, to find him. First, head to the location, and then use your raven to find the general area you were told by the guard’s note about where he could be.

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You’ll find that one of the nearby beggers has information and tells you to speak with a nun. The nun will inform you that the bishop was whisked away by some guards to a sewer to her right. Follow the path through the sewer and go straight. You’ll reach a point where you can no longer use a boat, and then you’ll have to go on foot. Along the way, you’ll find bodies you can interact with to confirm that people are dumped here after they die, left to rot. Eventually, you’ll find a tall pile of notes that the scribe used, showing you’re on the right track. Finally, you’ll reach the end of the tunnel, and then you’ll have to dive down into the water to continue.

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When you reach the end, you’ll return to the surface and find the priest dead. Luckily, there’s a dropped note with the watchword that will give you entry to Engelwin’s church.

Assassinating Engelwin

After completing those two side tasks, you’ll be able to go after Engelwin. Those two side activities are not required, but they will make it easier to proceed inside Engelwin’s church. If you went after the scribe and found his watchword, you’ll be able to proceed through the front entrance. If you saved the drunk’s daughter, you could use the key you acquired from the bandits to proceed through the western gate.

Upon walking into the church locale, you’ll be entering the infiltration area, and Bishop Engelwin can be anywhere inside. There are a handful of assassination events that you can use to take him out that provide a more dramatic flair than the typical combat or stealth kill sequence.

Engelwin is downstairs. You can try to find a way down there to go after Engelwin directly, but a good way to do this by going through the assassination event is to proceed inside the church and speak to the man walking at the top of the platform. He will be next to go through the ceremony but is having second thoughts. Eivor convinces him to swap places but needs to be wearing the correct robes before he proceeds downstairs.

The quickest way to acquire the robes is to find the guard knocking on the door downstairs and steal the key from him. The key will open up a chest next to the man who wants to swap places with you with the robe you need to wear.

While wearing the robe, you can proceed downstairs to speak with the man guarding the door and gain access to the ritual area. Inside, you’ll talk about a nun who will have you light two braziers before you’re allowed forward. The room will be full of guards when you are, and if you get too close to them, they will see through your disguise. The best thing to do is to wait until the guard closest to the door walks past it, and you’ll be able to drop down and proceed to Engelwin. Interact with the two in the center of the room, and a cutscene will play out. To make sure you can perform the event, make sure to have Eivor disrobe.

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