How to complete the Spider on the Wall quest in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

The itsy bitsy world quest that everyone hates

Image via Blizzard

The world quest known as Spider on the Wall has not proven popular with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players, but if you want to finish it, there’s an almost-hidden way to remove a significant portion of the frustration associated with this quest.

After accepting the world quest, make your way to 31.7, 59.4, indicated in the map below by the black dot. This area falls under the House of the Chosen, and you will find an arachnid NPC named Khaliiq. While speaking to him, he will offer to “hide you in the shadows.” Accepting this will grant you two abilities: Blessing of Eyes, which lets you use stealth regardless of your class and profession, and Widow Venom, which can stun an unsuspecting target for 30 seconds.

With these temporary abilities in hand, you are now free to find the items you need to complete the world quest. They are marked with blue dots on the map above, and you’ll find a list below:

Envoy’s Letter

You’ll find the Envoy’s Letter at 33.6, 74.0, inside an area called the Prime Siegeworks. Look for an undead elite named Mel’san, who is carrying the letter in his pocket. Take advantage of your stealth abilities from Khallilq and nab the item without being detected, ensuring you don’t cross any mobs who can see through your cloak.

Requisitioner’s Scroll

The Requisitioner’s Scroll is held, appropriately, by Requisitioner Kem. You can find him at 37.4, 73.1 in the Ragebringer Terrace, not far from where you picked up the Envoy’s Letter. Keep an eye on the field of vision of the mobs who can detect you regardless of stealth, and be ready to make your escape after you’ve looted the scroll.

Patrol Schedule

The third piece of loot for the quest is inside the Unyielding Assembly. Located at 35.2, 79.5 is Captain Hawken, who holds the Patrol Schedule somewhere in his armor. After you sneak past the other guards and steal the schedule, your quest is complete, and you’ll automatically earn your EXP and rep with the Undying Army.