How to complete the Stolen Sweets quest in Lord of the Rings Online

Don’t be a scrooge while returning the lost treats to the children of Winter-home

The Stolen Sweets quest, part of the Yule Festival, involves delivering a bunch of holiday treats. You’ll be trekking across several different areas to find what you need to deliver, and you can find the necessary creatures to drop what you need below. Be sure that you are at least level 44 before venturing out, as the beasts you encounter might pack a punch if you aren’t high enough. You’ll be picking up six items total: Fruit Cake, Hot Cross Buns, Gingerbread, Peppermint Treats, Plum Pudding, and Flask of Wassail.

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake can be found in Ered Luin and Forochel. Wildcats in Ered Luin have a chance to drop this treat, while Aurochs and Winter-Tusks can be holding it in Forochel, including the areas inside The Icy Crevasse (this applies to all creatures that might have sweets in Forochel).

Hot Cross Buns

You can find these sweets in three areas: Snow Beasts in Sarnur, Snow Beats in the Misty Mountains, and Gwibers in Thror’s Coomb. Note that all creatures inside Helegrod: Giant Wing and Iorbar’s Peak can hold sweets, too.


Gingerbread is available in two locations. You can go after Bears in the Misty Mountains, or you can try the Bears in Forochel.

Peppermint Treats

To find Peppermint Treats, hunt the Giants in the Misty Mountains, the Giants in Thror’s Coomb, or the Icebound Reavers in Wildermore.

Plum Pudding

You’ll only get Grims to drop Plum Pudding. You can find them in Forochel or Redhorn Snowfall.

Flask of Wassail

The Snowbeasts in Redhorn Snowfall and the Bale-pine in Wildermore can drop a Flask of Wassail.

Once you have recovered all of the sweets, make your way back to Winter-home, and bring tidings of comfort and joy to the children.