How to complete the Swimming Clamperl request in Pokémon Snap

Just keep swimming.

Pokémon Snap features many Pokémon in their natural environment, and you’ll need to snag photographs of them in several locations all over the Lental region. With a little effort and some careful timing, you can have them perform unique actions they normally don’t do. For example, Clamperl typically prefers to stay submerged in sand and doesn’t move around too much. If you can use the other Pokémon in the nearby location, you can lure it out of the sand and have it swimming through the water to capture a rare sight. You can do this while exploring the Maricopia region on the Lental Seafloor tour. You want to make sure you are searching through this area on research level two.

When you go through this area, the first thing you want to do is make sure you’ve removed the boulder blocking the pathway on the left. To reach this pathway, you need to use an Illumina orb on a Clawitzer attempting to destroy that boulder. The Illumina orb provides the Pokémon with the strength to shatter this object, granting you passage on the left side of the map. You then have to accept going down that route to proceed.

The Clamperl won’t appear for some time, so feel free to take several pictures and enjoy the sights. You want to follow the route and start to pay attention when you get closer to the end, and you start seeing Lumineon biting the sand. You want to wait until you see a Lumineon shifting through the sand near a Clamperl shell and then toss a fluffruit at them to lure it over. When the Lumineon approaches the fluffruit’s location, it’ll jostle the Clamperl and send it flying. You can snap the picture and finish the rest of the tour.

Back at the research camp, turn in the request on your main menu to receive the reward for completing the task. Ensure you show Professor Mirror the photograph at the end of the tour, or it won’t count.