How to complete the Tatara Tales: Process Is Everything quest in Genshin Impact

Balethunder, Camera, Action!

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The fifth quest in the Tatara Tales quest series is relatively straightforward. The first thing you have to do is talk with Xavier. He will offer this quest to you so long as there has been at least one daily reset since you have finished Tatara Tales: Data Collection.

Once you talk with him and receive the quest, travel to the location marked on your map in the middle of the furnace. The first picture must be taken from directly underneath the furnace. Be sure to take out your camera and point it straight up and into the sky. Otherwise, the photo will not be counted for the quest. Taking the appropriate picture should give you the quest item named “Somewhat Clear Image.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next photo location is located at the other clump of buildings to the northeast of the first photo you took. You will likely have to defeat the Pyro and Electro Kairagi that will summon once you get there to capture this photo. Once they are defeated, be sure to aim the camera at the Smelter seen below to be correctly credited for the photo. This should grant you the quest item “Rather Foggy Image.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you have both images return to Xavier and hand him the photos to claim your quest rewards.