How to complete the Test Your Metal event in Fallout 76

It’s time to Test Your Metal.

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The Test Your Metal update for Fallout 76 brought in additional events for you to test your strength. One of these events is named after the update and requires you to go toe-to-toe with battle bots in the Metal Dome. A faction of the Blood Eagles, called the Rust Eagles, is waiting for you. Do you have what it takes to survive the onslaught? Time to find out.

Test Your Metal event location

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The Test Your Metal public event can be found to the north of Fort Atlas. You can travel to this location for free whenever the public event goes live. Outside of the event time, you can travel there for free by traveling to Fort Atlas and walking to the north along the railroad tracks.

How to complete the Test Your Metal Event

When the event activates, you will need to speak to Initiate Pappas. He can be found near the entrance to the metal dome. Tell him that you would like to start the event before the timer of the event disappears. After speaking to Initiate Pappas, head into the dome to begin the event.

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When you enter the event, you will have three Brotherhood of Steel members follow you. These will be your AI teammates for the event, but you can also have other players join you during the event as well. When the event begins, you will get the objective to defend the Brotherhood members. Robots will then enter the arena and you will be tasked with helping your teammates defeat the robots.

If your teammates go down during the fight, don’t worry. You can use Stimpaks to pick your teammates up if they go down. Remember, the more teammates that are alive at the end of the event, the better the rewards you will get, so do your best to keep them up and fighting for all three rounds.

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Between the rounds, you will get an additional objective to destroy a Golden Eyebot before the next round starts. If you destroy this Golden Eyebot before the next round starts, you will get additional Caps rewarded to you. Make sure to stay out of the center of the arena due to the high radiation that is present. After all three rounds are complete, you will be rewarded with various standard loot items as well as a rare item depending on how many teammates are left alive.