How to find the Stimpak recipe in Fallout 76

Get access to some great healthcare in Fallout 76.


Image via Bethesda

Chances are if you play Fallout 76 that you have used quite a few Stimpaks. After all, they are the primary healing item in the game and are pretty necessary if you want to stay alive during a gunfight. While you can find a good amount of Stimpaks while searching the wasteland known as Appalachia, it’s better to be able to craft them.

Stimpak recipe requirements

There are a few items that you will need if you want to craft your own Stimpaks. You will need the following:

  • Two antiseptic
  • One blood pack
  • One steel

Stimpaks can be crafted at a chemistry station after you receive the recipe as long as you have the proper materials. Steel is easy to obtain from practically any source of metal. Blood packs can be found in mirrors and first aid kits. The best way to get antiseptic is to scrap cleaners and solvents.

Stimpak recipe location

There are a few ways that you can get the recipe for Stimpaks that don’t require spending hundreds of Caps. The Stimpak recipe can be rewarded for completing the Personal Matters and Novice of Mysteries quests. The chance is not extremely high. The recipe can also be awarded for completing any of the Wastelanders DLC quests. Again, this is a low chance.

The most efficient means of getting the recipe without buying it is to complete daily quests and events in Cranberry Bog and the Ash Heap. While this is also a low chance, there are plenty of these missions to complete. While completing them, you can also search the mirrors across the map. Mirrors have a chance to spawn the recipe.

If you are looking to buy the recipe, you can find it by visiting the MODUS Medical vendors in Whitespring Bunker. You will, of course, need to complete the main campaign of the game to gain access to Whitespring Bunker before you can purchase the recipe.