How to farm Settler faction reputation in Fallout 76

The never ending grind for reputation begins.

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Introduced in the Wastelanders update in Fallout 76, the Settlers are one of two factions you can side with during the Wastelanders questline. Along with the new questline, the update added reputation points that you can earn to gain favor with the Settlers residing in the area known as Foundation. The Test Your Metal update added additional ways to obtain reputation for the Settlers, but if you want to gain their favor, you will have to put the work in.

Benefits of gaining reputation with the Settlers

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Increasing your reputation with the Settlers increases the number of items you can purchase from Samuel in Foundation. The higher your reputation with the Settlers, the more items you will be able to buy. Remember that Samuel is the Gold Bullion trader in Foundation. Here are all the items you can obtain from Samuel at each reputation rank. The numbers following each item are the price of the item in Gold Bullion.

  • Rank: Cautious
    • Plan: Behive (750)
    • Plan: Cattle Prod (250)
    • Plan: Flare (50)
    • Plan: Nuka-Cola Collectron (1,250)
    • Perfect Bubblegum (75)
  • Rank: Friendly
    • Plan: Farmable Dirt Tiles (500)
    • Plan: Gauntlet (250)
    • Plan: Gauntlet Shock Pads (50)
    • Plan: Grocer’s Backpack Mod (350)
    • Plan: Fortune Teller Machine (1,650)
    • Plan: Red Rocket Collectron (4,000)
    • Plan: West Virginia Slot Machine (1,250)
  • Rank: Neighborly
    • Plan: Chinese Stealth Armor (4,000)
    • Plan: Chinese Stealth Helmet (1,650)
    • Plan: Water Well (750)
  • Rank: Ally
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun (500)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Aligned Stock (200)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Extended Barrel (150)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Extended Magazine (100)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Forceful Stock (200)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Hardened Receiver (200)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Perforating Magazine (100)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Precise Stock (100)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Refined Receiver (200)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Shielded Barrel (150)
    • Plan: Gauss Shotgun Short Scope (50)
    • Plan: Gaus Shotgun Vicious Receiver (200)
    • Plan: Prime Gauss Shotgun Receiver (200)
    • Plan: Turbo-Fert Fertilizer (750)
    • Plan: F.E.T.C.H Collectron (4,000)
    • Plan: Maul (4,000)
    • Plan: Daphne (4,000)
    • Plan: Yasmin Chowdhury (4,000)
    • Plan: Solomon Hardy (4,000)
    • Plan: Katherine Swan (4,000)
    • Plan: Xerxo (4,000)

How to farm Settler reputation

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You will initially gain reputation with the Settlers by completing the various side quests added during the Wastelanders update. Depending on if you side with the Settlers or the Raiders, you will also gain reputation with one of the factions during the main Wastelanders questline. After completing the questline and side quests, you can complete the following activities to gain reputation:

  • Daily Quest: Vital Equipment – Complete the quest given to you in Foundation by Ward and donate the reward to Foundation for 250 reputation.
  • Daily Quest: Retirement Plan – Complete this quest given to you by Rocksy in The Crater by telling the former Raider to move to Foundation for an additional 25 reputation.
  • Daily Quest: Photo Opportunity – Complete this daily quest given to you by Davenport in the Overseer’s home by taking photos of the Raiders and giving the photos to a member of Foundation. Doing so will reward you with 75 Settler reputation.
  • Event: Eviction Notice – Complete the Eviction Notice event located to the east of Foundation whenever it appears to earn additional Settler reputation based on your performance. Failing this event will make you miss the reputation.

To farm Settler reputation, start by completing all of the daily quests that appear around both Foundation and The Crater and the mission you can obtain from the Overseer’s home. Once those are done, you can farm the Eviction Notice event by either waiting for the event to happen or by hopping servers to one where the event is active.