How to complete the Voyeurism feat and find the flirting employees in Hitman 3

Love is in the air.

Not everyone is busy at work in the Death in the Family mission in Hitman 3. Some of them are still finding ways to explore their social life, and a pair of employees are busy chatting away about their dreams of running away together, finding love. These two are hidden away on the map, and if you catch them, there’s a feat you can complete where you need to take a picture of them while they’re flirting.

Where to find the flirting employees

These two employees will be inside the mansion, so we recommend grabbing one of the bodyguards wandering around inside the halls. They have the most access to the inside of the building. From there, you can quickly find them by heading to level 1 of the mission and going to the left of the foyer. This is the library. You want to run up the stairs inside this room.

You can find the pair of them chatting together in the hallway. If you don’t see them, hang around here for a bit, and the pair should appear. The woman will be against the wall, and the man will be leaning against it. When they see them talking together, all you have to do is take out your camera, snap a quick picture, and the feat will be completed shortly after. It’s a quick way to level yourself up and earn more rewards for completing Death in the Family.