How to complete the Wait For It Challenge in Vault of Glass – Destiny 2

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Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Raids in Destiny 2 present players with complex challenges that require skill, teamwork, and patience to get through. While the Vault of Glass Raid has been out for a while, new Challenges are available for players to take on. They add some additional difficulty, but will also result in additional rewards if you are successful.

The Wait For It Challenge needs to be completed at the Confluxes, where the yellow bar Wyverns will be attempting to sacrifice themselves. The general tactic is just to wipe them out as soon as they appear, but for this challenge players will need to engage in riskier behavior.

Players will need to wait until the Wyverns are sacrificing themselves to the confluxes, and only then can they destroy them. This several lessens the window of time that players will have to deliver the final blow. Teams that are looking to finish this challenge may need to find new spots to position themselves in. Wyverns do an insane amount of damage, and the standard practice is to simply remove them from the equation as quickly as possible.

It can also be a good idea to chip them down a bit before they reach the conflux, as it makes it easier to kill them within the five-second window that it will take for the sacrifice to complete. Burst damage is really the main thing players will need to come up with, and running as many hard hitting weapons as possible is vital.