How to complete the Waverider Quest in Warframe

A long one.

The Waverider quest is a story quest that heavily centers around K-drives. Over the course of the quest, players need to complete different K-drive challenges to unlock new pages of a comic that tells the story of the Warframe Yareli.

Each page requires a new set of more challenging K-drive tricks and stunts to be completed. The first thing players will need to do is ensure that they have access to a K-drive by finishing the relevant quest. After that, as long as they have finished the opening Vox Solaris quest at Fortunate on Venus, they will receive a message from Roky, one of the Vent Kids.

Players will need to go to the Vent Kids hideout at Fortuna, but will find the Roky has had an accident. They will then discover that they need to do what she was doing, finish all the tricks to unlock the comic, and learn about Yareli.

Page 1

  • Earn 2000 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Copter x 5
  • 50 Point Grindy
  • Kill 5 enemies with a Secondary Weapon while riding a K-Drive
  • Perform 5 5x Combos

Your game will show you the correct inputs to do to achieve any tricks you need to complete, so just practice until you do them all. For the Vent Kids races, you can find all their locations in this guide. If you have a custom board, then they will show up on your map whenever you ride it.

For the Grindy tricks, just find any long rail or pipe, the ones at the back of Fortuna are perfect. To kill enemies with a secondary weapon, just jump on the K-drive and hit the button to change weapons, which will take out your secondary. Make sure you print something that will forgive your aim if you find it difficult to fire on the move.

Page 2

  • Earn 2400 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Frontside Rollout x 3
  • 50 Point Frontside Clutch x 5
  • Get 5 headshot kills with a Secondary Weapon while riding a K-Drive
  • Earn 500 points in a K-drive trick chain

Once again, almost any Vent Kids race will do for the 2400 points, as you should be able to earn that much with a decent time. For the 50 Point Frontside Clutch, we actually recommend starting with something like the Frontside Rollout, then switching to the clutch, as it will give you a multiplier when you land it. Remember to release the clutch BEFORE you hit the ground.

Page 3

  • Earn 3000 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Nose Planket x 5
  • 50 Point Backside Skyrocker x 5
  • 5 Slam Shockwave Kills
  • Earn 1000 points in a K-drive trick chain

Slam Shockwaves seem to be causing some issues, so we have done up a video to help out here.

Page 4

  • Earn 3400 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Backside Clutch x 5
  • 50 Tail Clutch Planker x 5
  • Obtain five seconds of air on a K-Drive
  • Earn 1500 points in a K-drive trick chain

Obtaining five seconds of air time on a K-Drive is certainly a little awkward, so be sure to read our helpful guide on how to do just that.

Page 5

  • Earn 3600 Vent Kids Standing in a single K-Drive race
  • Tail Spinja x 5
  • Earn 2000 Points in a K-Drive trick chain
  • Keep a K-Drive trick chain alive for 20 seconds
  • Perform 5 10x combos