How to complete Who’s a Good Boy? in Far Cry 6

The best boy.

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After completing the Meeting the Monteros and being welcomed into their camp in Far Cry 6, you’ll unlock access to the quest Who’s a Good Boy? that you can complete for Chorizo. You can find Chorizo on the Montero Farm, where you can speak with the dog to start the quest.

Read the note attached to the wood next to Chorizo’s dog house when you receive the quest. You’ll need three ingredients to complete the recipe for Chorizo’s meal. However, the only thing you need to give Chorizo is crocodile meat.

You can find crocodiles in several locations around Serpentino. The closest ones are on the east side of the Cortina River. It’s to the south of Montero Farm. If you’ve captured the Cortina Weather Station, you can fast travel to that location.

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When you reach the crocodile hunting spot, you’ll need to use a bow or a meal weapon to kill them. If you use a gun or an explosive weapon, you could damage the meat. A bow allows you to collect clean meat without harming it. Once you receive the meat, Dani will call Philly and explain the backstory of why Chorizo has such an affinity for the dangerous game. After that, you can fast travel back to the Montero farm and deliver the dog his well-earned meal.

Upon completing this quest, you’ll unlock Fetch Quest for Chorizo.