How to connect to Wi-Fi on PS5

Break free from ethernet cords.

Image via PlayStation

With games like Godfall and Call of Duty: Warzone, a decent internet connection is the foundation for most of your PS5 experiences. It is required for several games and also needed to enjoy the many perks of PS Plus. In case you missed the connection setup option when first powering on the console, there’s still a way to join your Wi-Fi network.

Where is my Wi-Fi network?

Start by heading to the PS5 main menu. There, you will notice and want to click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner that resembles a gear. A list of options should appear, with “Network” being where you want to go. Scroll down to “Settings” in the first tab and then click on “Set up Internet Connection.”

After, choose the “Wireless” option and your network should be amongst those listed. You’ll need to enter its password after, if private, and a connection test will be underway if entered correctly. If you notice that your download speed isn’t up to snuff, moving the console even a foot closer to your router can make a major difference.

After this process is done, you’re now free to sign into or create your PSN account by tapping on the option next to the Settings icon in the top-right of the main menu. If you sign into your account from your PS4 days, check your games library, as you may have some digital titles waiting to be downloaded.