How to consume Birthday Cake in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Don’t eat too much cake.

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Fortnite is celebrating its Birthday during Chapter 3 Season 4, and you have the chance to celebrate in the game with a few holiday surprises. One of these surprises is eating birthday cake in at least five matches. If you want to consume Birthday Cake, you will need to find it. This guide covers how to consume Birthday Cake in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Where to find Birthday Cake in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

The best way to find Birthday Cake in Fortnite is to search the major locations in the game. For us, we were able to find slices of Birthday Cake on Driftwood with Blackheart, but many players are also out looking for this delicious cake. You’ll have to go out of your way to grab the pieces you can and consume them. The Birthday Cake will be items you can find on the ground, similar to any other consumable item you find in the game. You should also investigate any character in the game, as they will likely have birthday cake next to them.

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The Birthday Cake you find during your Fortnite game will not only be used to complete the quest, but it’s also helpful to heal you whenever you’re trying to survive another player. You do not need to be damaged to consume any birthday cake. However, you cannot carry it around in your inventory. It will simply be an item you find on the ground, and you can pick it up to consume.

You will need to find Birthday in five different matches. We recommend finding a location you like or checking out every area of each NPC and character in Fortnite to locate the cake. These are all the NPC and character locations you can find in Fortnite for Chapter 3, Season 4.

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