How to Convert Watts Into Pokédollars in Pokémon Sword and Shield

A picture of a Watt Trader, the fisherwoman and a Pokémart

If you spend more time in the Wild Area than playing through the main story of Pokémon Sword and Shield, you might find yourself with a lot of Watts and very little cash.

This, however, can easily be remedied by taking advantage of the items that you can buy for Watts (W) from the Watt Trader, and sell for Pokédollars (p) at the mart within a Pokémon Center, Pokémon Gym, or Train Station.


The easiest way to convert Watts into Pokédollars is by buying the rotating specialty pokéballs from the Watt Traders, located all around the Wild Area (7 in total). If you can find one selling Luxury Balls, that is the best deal. If you find one selling Heal Balls, however, it’s best to look for a different Watt Trader. The list below shows how many Watts it takes to buy one ball, how many Pokédollars it will sell for back at the mart, and the ratio of Watts to Pokédollars with each conversion.

  • Heal Ball

    20 W —> 150 p (1:7.5)

  • Dusk, Quick, Dive, Net, Nest, Repeat & Timer Ball

    50 W —> 500 p (1:10)

  • Luxury Ball

    100 W —> 1500 p (1:15)

Technical Records

Technical Records (TRs) will sell in Pokédollars for the exact same price they cost in Watts, so buying TRs from the Watt Trader is never as efficient as buying specialty pokéballs. However, if you have a lot of extra TRs from Max Raid Battles that you never plan to use, it could be worth it for the extra cash. Example:

  • TR19 (Tri Attack)

    2,000 W —> 2000 p (1:1)

Brilliant Finds

In addition to buying from the Watt Trader, there is also a fisherwoman who moves around the Wild Area fishing up random treasure items, and selling her ‘brilliant finds’ to you for only 100 W. While these purchases cannot be done in bulk, be sure to buy from her every time you happen see her, as each brilliant find will have a higher conversion than any of the other options. Examples:

  • Brilliant Find (3 Pearls)

    100 W —> 3000 p (1:30)

  • Brilliant Find (Big Pearl)

    100 W —> 4000 p (1:40)

  • Brilliant Find (2 Big Pearls)

    100 W —> 8000 p (1:80)

  • Brilliant Find (Pearl String)

    100 W —> 10,000 p (1:100)

What Not to Do

You never want to invest in Wishing Pieces for the sake of selling them, as they cost 3,000 W, but only sell for 10 p.

  • Wishing Piece

    3,000 W —> 10 p (300:1)