How to craft a Pet House in Grounded

Make a home for your pet.

The smaller bugs you find in Grounded are always roaming around your property, and they usually keep to themselves, making them pretty harmless. Following the Shroom and Doom update, players now have the opportunity to lure aphids and weevils into their property by using a mushroom slushie. Once you’ve lured and tamed the pet, you’ll need a place for it to stay so it can rest. The best way to do that is with a Pet House.

These are all of the ingredients you’re going to need to make a Pet House.

  • 2 Weed Stems
  • 1 Acorn Shell
  • 4 Mushroom Bricks
  • 2 Crow Feather Pieces

The weed stems and acorn shells will be the easiest ingredients to acquire for your Pet House. You can cut down the large weeds you find in the garden using a level two chopping ax, so you’ll need to make sure you have the Insect Axe in your inventory. The acorn shell is even easier. You can find these shells close to the oak tree at the center of the garden. If you find an acorn on the ground, you can use a pebblet hammer to smash it and receive multiple shell pieces.

The mushroom bricks and crow feather pieces will be a bit tougher. You can make the mushroom bricks by creating five mushroom slurries. If you’ve already tamed a pet, acquiring the mushroom slurry won’t be too difficult. You can acquire the ingredients for the slurries by cutting down the larger mushrooms in the garden and bringing them to a slushie station.

For the crow feather pieces, you need to explore the garden to find where the crow has settled down and see if it dropped any of its feathers. It normally drops two or three when it lands. The crow is pretty big compared to you, which makes finding it easy, but getting to it can be a little difficult. If you’re having trouble finding the crow feather pieces, make sure to explore the higher elevations close to where the crow lands, they might have fallen up there rather than directly being on the ground.

After you have all of the ingredients, you can craft the Pet House anywhere inside your base. You then have to bring your potential pet to the pet house. Once they’ve been accepted as your pet, you’ll be able to monitor their stats, take care of them, and pet them.