How to craft a simple bed in Grounded

A better place to rest your head.


An item you can craft for your character to rest in Grounded is a simple bed. Its a more formal sleeping arrangement than the lean-to item you can craft at the start of the game, but it requires several more resources.

How to learn the recipe

To learn how to craft a simple bed, we had to analyze a crow’s feather. You can find these feathers in various locations around the backyard, notably over by the birdbath in the map’s southern portion. The crow drops them, and it hangs out all over the place. We’ve documented it hanging around the large lasers, the picnic table, and the birdbath where it chows down on the berries. When you find the crow feather on the ground, make sure to have a level two ax on you to break it down to collect it. After analyzing it, you should have the recipe in your crafting menu.

How to craft the simple bed

You need four resources to craft it.

  • 4 Weed Stems
  • 2 Acorn Shells
  • 2 Crow Feather Pieces
  • 6 Woven Fibers

The weed stems, acorn shells, and woven fibers are the easiest resources to find the four you need. You can make woven fibers by combining two plant fibers. The acorns are available at the ground near the oak tree, and you need a level one hammer to break them apart. Dandelions are how you get weed stems. The final item, crow feathers, are more complicated. They’re all over the backyard, and you can find them randomly, based on where the crow has flown. They appear to refresh every day, so if you don’t find one immediately, wait a little bit and follow the crow’s potential path through the backyard.

After you have all of the resources, bring them back to your base to craft your bed. It doesn’t require a workbench, and it takes the place of your lean-to, allowing you to sleep and respawn here.