How to craft an Eternal suit in Gotham Knights

Unlock this specific suit.

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The Eternal Suit is one of the many unlockable outfits you can craft in Gotham Knights. It’s unlike the other ones you can find while exploring the game. Instead of being one of the unique costumes you can wear, this is a Transmog outfit that will go on top of your existing costume. You will not have immediate access to it, but once you craft this at least once, it will be available for you to use on any outfit you find throughout your time in the game. Here’s what you need to know about how to craft an Eternal suit in Gotham Knights.

Where to find an Eternal suit in Gotham Knights

The Eternal suit became craftable for us after completing the Mr. Freeze fight. You can battle against Mr. Freeze after working through the side story, having multiple encounters with his iconic villain, and then battling against him when he’s attempting to use his weather machine to freeze Gotham City.

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Upon defeating him, the capability to craft this suit was available. We had to ensure we had the correct materials available, and then we could go into the crafting menu to create it. You can choose to do this while you’re out exploring the world or when you’re at the Belfry. If you do it while you’re out exploring the world, you won’t be able to wear it until you return to the Belfry, making it our go-to option whenever you want to craft a new item.

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Once you have the Eternal suit on one character, it should be available on all of them. You will need to switch over to them to create it at least once, and then you can wear this Transmog outfit across any other outfit you find while playing Gotham Knights. The stats for this suit do not matter as it is purely for cosmetic appearances.