How to craft Glow Item Frames in Minecraft

Make your item frames shine.

Screenshot by Gamepur

An item frame in Minecraft is an item that you can create that lets you put up an item and frame it purely for decoration. If you want an easier way to organize your boxes or use it as a sign to indicate the purpose of a room, you place an objective on an item frame and display it in your home. A good way to make this item stick out is to turn it shine a little light on your item frame, turning it into a Glow Item Frame.

The Glow Item Frame works just like a regular item frame, except it has a bright shine behind it, highlighting any item you place inside of it. You can create the Glow Item Frame by combining a glow ink sac and a regular item frame.

The glow ink sac drops off of a glowing squid. These mobs look just like the regular squids that you see swimming around the ocean, except they have a distinctive bright green glow to them that makes them appear to be flashing while they’re swimming around. All you have to do is attack the squid, and a glow ink sac should drop off of them in the water.

When you have the glow ink sac and the item frame, you need to bring these items over to a crafting table to create the glowing item frame. You can place it down just like a regular item frame.