How to craft in Elden Ring

You’ll need to go hunting and foraging in The Lands Between.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Bandai Namco YouTube

Elden Ring might have Soulsborne series staples like Bonfires —Sites of Grace here — but the new game is changing up the From Software formula in a few ways, with new features like a proper map. One of the biggest additions is the ability to craft, an activity that will get you more ammo and items. Here’s all we know about how the mechanic works so far.

Elden Ring’s 15-minute gameplay preview gave us a solid look at the crafting menu, with thrown items like Bone Knives and a variety of arrows. Two types of arrows, Bone and Sleepbone, were shown, with standard and fletched variants. Bone Knives are easy to craft, requiring just two Thin Animal Bones, which are “found by hunting beasts,” to make a set of five. Bone Arrows require two Thin Animal Bones as well, and the fletched version needs an additional single Flight Pinion, “found by hunting birds,” for a batch of 10, respectively. Sleepbone Arrows, which can render an enemy unconscious, have the same recipe, plus one Trina’s Lily, which is “exceedingly rare.” The crafting menu was full of other items we’re not familiar with just yet, but we do know that you can’t churn them out like a factory — you need to go hunting and acquire uncommon ingredients.

Luckily, the new map function can help with this. Map markers allow you to denote certain areas, complete with a beacon of light in the overworld to guide you to the spot in question. Some of these markers indicate plants and animals, so you can track potential farming spots to get all the crafting materials you need.

This guide is a work in progress. Check back around the Elden Ring release date for updates!