How to create and join clans in Diablo Immortal

Will you become immortal?

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Diablo Immortal is more than a game you can play by yourself. It is a game that allows you to engage with other like-minded players as you explore vast dungeons, discover new maps, and defeat countless terrifying threats. It is because of this that the clan system has always been the utmost of importance in any MMO-style game. If you are tired of playing by yourself or want to expand the list of players you have to party up with, consider creating your own clan or joining one in Diablo Immortal.

How to create a clan

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After reaching Westmarch for the first time, you will get access to a mission from the Bounty Board called Opening the Way. Accept the quest from the Bounty Board and complete it. After completing the quest, you will need to level your character up to level 30. Upon reaching level 30, you will get a notification that you have unlocked the clans feature of the game. Select the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, select the Adventurer tab and then choose Clan Detail. You will get a list of clans. At the top of the clan list, you will have the option to create a clan.

To create your own clan, you will first need to obtain enough platinum or gold. Creating a clan will either cost you 100,000 gold or 3,000 platinum. While gold is the standard currency of the game and one that you will see a lot of, platinum is a bit harder to obtain and is almost a premium currency. You can obtain platinum by buying it from the in-game store or by completing daily quests. You can also sell unwanted items to Dya in Westmarch.

How to join a clan

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Joining a clan is extremely similar to creating one. Follow all of the steps above to gain access to the clans feature of the game. Once you are in the clans menu, scroll through the list of potential clans and pick one that you would like to join. Select the apply button next to the clan’s name and wait for a response. It is best to join a clan with members who are close to your level. It is also nice to be in a clan with a lot of members so you have more people to play with. Later on, you will gain access to the Dark Clans feature. This will allow you to join or create Dark Clans which can participate in activities to become Immortal Clans.